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Say goodbye to burned pizza and losing time. TimeBoss for Android helps you keep your schedule and does it in a surprising simple and effective way. Read the full review.

At first I was a little skeptic about installing a timer app. After all, there is an alarm clock already, so who needs a timer anyway. Yet, after trying TimeBoss for a few days, I started to love it. It is easy to use and has some of the best thought out features of any timers out there. Let me tell you why I use this one daily.

One of the great features is that you can make different sets of timers. I now have one for my cooking and some standard sets for monitoring online auctions. It also comes with several pre-installed sets to get you started. The pre-installed sets include cooking timers (egg timers, pasta cooking times, rice, beans, etc.), workout timers (for running or fitness exercises) and a few random ones. As it turns out, this works great.

Another great feature is that you can disable the timer by waving over the camera of your phone (or actually, the proximity sensor, which is mounted next to it). This is just great. When the alarm is ringing, I don’t have to unlock my phone and open the app, I just wave over the camera and it stops. This feature alone is well worth installing the app for.

Disabling the alarm by waving is also great for cooking. Say goodbye to dirty screens or pushing flower into the power button.

The overall appearance is simple, but effective. All timers are shown clearly and it is easy to tell them apart. Timers can be given a different name, alarm sound and color. If you are feeling bold, you can even get a timer to trigger another timer when complete, for example to create a (workout) schedule.

So far, TimeBoss has worked very robust. The alarms went off, also after the app is killed. I even tried to restart my phone completely, and all timers were still there and running at the correct time when I started the app. Pretty sweet.

All of this in a free app with no advertisements.

The pro version of the app comes with a widget that shows the value of the lowest timer number and name, which actually turns out to be really neat. It occupies just a single square (1×1) on your screen, talk about great real estate value! During launch (until the end of May 2015) the pro version is only 0.99 USD (0.50 EUR).

TimeBoss is the best timer app that I have encountered so far and comes highly recommended!

Love it!

There is an overview video on YouTube:

Free version in the Google Play Store:

Pro version:


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