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Casinos have been one of the most popular entertainment industries of the last 100 years. Because of that many of the casino games now are available for our smartphones for us to play and have fun, experiencing that casino feeling and bettering ourselves as casino players. If you like playing poker but you need to practise and improve your poker skills and strategy, we looked and we found a great casino poker game for you to try and practise poker playing. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Video Poker Trainer Pro?

Video Poker Trainer Pro is an amazing video poker game which is easy and fun to play, developed for android users.  The video poker game offers jacks or better 9/6, allowing players to practise and designed especially to make them better players of poker. This casino poker game offers users to have fun playing and enjoying the sharp graphics and sounds without any ads and unlimited coins refills with no need to wait between refills.  Each player can practise to better his skills and play to exercise.

Why do we love this casino game?

This casino games and its features will get each player hooked on his first try while he enjoys playing and bettering his poker skills. This casino poker game offers 2 different modes. The first mode offers players to practise, allowing them to play regular jacks or better 6/9 video poker game. After each draw, the game will calculate the player’s odds and if he did not draw the best available option, a tip screen will show giving him up to two better options to draw and their “Expected Value”. This game mode is intended to improve the player’s skills and strategy to make him a better video poker player. The second mode, the 3 or 10 minutes game is a time limited jacks or better video poker game, where the goal of the player is to play as many as possible hands in a given time. The player’s score will be calculated from the number of “correct” draws he performed and each error will reduce his score. In the second mode, there will be no “tip” screen shown.

Note that Video Poker Trainer Pro was built in order to make you a better player while still having fun playing video poker.

Download the game for free on Google Play now to practise and better your poker skills and strategy!

Google Play Download Link: Video Poker Trainer Pro


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