Curelines is a new Android medical app that is a must for every medicine professional



As medical and health apps become more and more popular, and patients adopt health tracking apps and fitness measuring wearables like Fitbit, savvy physicians know they will get a lot of benefits from using mobile health apps in their practice.

However, only 15% of medical apps are even marketed to doctors, so how do you sift through all the patient and fitness-centered apps to find ones that may actually be helpful in a clinical setting? That is why today we will speak about Curelines. The app tends to provide high quality and up to date medical information and can be of extreme help to doctors, medical facilities, but also to users.

Why you’ll love it

It is great that the app is based on a social concept where users can make profiles and clearly state their specialty. This means that doctors can quickly expand their medical network, but also expand their knowledge with all the case studies and questions that can be found in Curelines. Collaborations and connecting with medical experts is really easy and done conveniently.

As patients will also be able to create profiles, the app also helps to enhance the communication between users/patients and doctors. Patients can ask questions and get tips from certified doctors, while doctors can find patients or communicate with fellow medical professionals in one secure platform.

Another great value of the app is in its library. You can find tons of medications in the A to Z medications list, medical terms, tests, health tips and most importantly tons of medical papers and research. It is indeed a helpful and extremely useful app for anyone interested in medicine.


Final Thoughts

It is a bit surreal that all of this is available for free. The app indeed offers great value! Get this great medical app on Google Play and connect, get answers from real doctors, enhance your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest updates in medicine.

Google Play Download Link: Curelines


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