Docufy is one of the best Androd document scanners


Are you looking for a way to digitalize your important documents? Something that will scan all your written files, enhance, fax, convert files into PDF file, convert jpeg to a pdf file? If the answer is yes, then we got this amazing and powerful scanner app called Docufly. It’s one of the best rated and with most downloads on Google Play, and that is all for a good reason since the app is extremely useful!

Enhance, convert, sync your files

Docufy is one of the best documents scanner app with over a million satisfied users. If you download it, there is no doubt that it will be your perfect business partner for all your documents. With an intuitive interface, users are able to enhance, fax, convert files in PDF, convert jpeg into PDF file, sync and file your prescriptions, invoices, contract and much more. You can access them from any device at anytime.

Docufy is unique and growing

Docufy is an unmatched document scanner that that will offer you better functionality and interface than all the rest scanner apps on the market. It will auto detect the scan edges, also auto-cropping is available under batch scan mode. You will have full control of brightness, contrast and details.

With the customized camera you will be able to make high quality scans. This makes it the ideal companion app for your business or student everyday activities! There are many other features that will make you simply be thankful for. Get one of the best scanning apps for free and have a great solution for your mobile document management and scanning.

So don’t wait and try this powerful scanning app from Google Store.
Google Play Download Link: Docufy


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