DotaHex – the perfect app for all the die heart fans of Dota2


Are you a fan of Dota 2? If you are, then we have the perfect app for you. Dotahex will present you with all your Dota 2 game statistics, items, hero counter pick and live Dota league games.

Follow all your statistic in Dota 2

With this app you will be able to follow your full statistic for your Dota 2 profile and games. Detailed statistics for your hero and items. All your overall records will be tracked too. You will have match detailed view of any game. And much more with that Dotahex you will discover many detailed analysis about your favorite game.

This app is intended for die heart fans of the game

Fair warning tough. This app is not sponsored or endorsed by Valve Corporation. This is not the official guide or connected to the game developer. All the game descriptions, characters, locations, imagery and videos are copyright of the their owner and this app falls within fair use of guidelines. This app is intended for the die heart fans of the game and will aid your skill developments.

Improve your skills

No matter what this app is a must for any real fans of the game. DotaHex will improve your skill developments and even prove a suggestion system that will suggest you hero and item picks.

Don’t hesitate and download this helpful app from App Store and become a skillful Dota 2 player.

App Store Download Link: DotaHex

Google Play Download Link: DotaHex


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