Enjoy and relax with some classic match 3 game – Animal Match 3


Who doesn’t love match-3 puzzle games? These games enthrall every player whether young or old because they are easy to play and highly addictive. Due to their simplicity and accessibility, they have become one of the most popular mobile game genres in the entire world.

Charming and mystique game

In the ocean of puzzle 3 match games, we found a beautiful one that will keep your attention for sure. We talk about the new and charming Animal Match 3 game that will easily get under the skin and glue you to your Android device.

Animal Match 3 is a puzzle game with special sounds and effects that create mystique and magical ambient that makes you feel like you’re already there, in the mountain forest. Multicolored background with animal characters like lion, bear, wolf, eagle, raccoon, panda and others will lead you to hours and hours of gameplay.

Rules and effects 

Rules and the strategy of the game are the same like for every other match 3 puzzle game. You’ve got to collect in a row or column 3 same cubes which results in shining blast effects with magical sounds and the scores that you won.

There are two modes in which can be played, te classic and arcade mode. The classic mode is introducing with the game or training. In the arcade mode, there is a limited time in wich you can try to open new levels and run for scores and records.

Play it and enjoy hours by yourself

The game was designed to relax and put you in the beautiful peace of mind state so that you can enjoy hours by yourself. Everybody can play it with the same level of enjoyment from young children to the adults.

It’s free for downloading, so enjoyable gameplay is waiting for you guys! Try it!

Google Play Download Link: Animal Match 3


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