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Mobile apps are quickly becoming the definitive way to meet new people, and 2016 looks like it will be the biggest year yet for making new connections from your phone or tablet. The latest and greatest friend-finding app is called Friendable, and it comes equipped with some smart new features that are sure to make your friend hunt easier.

 With Friendable, all you have to do to find new contacts is set up your profile and start browsing. You’ll receive suggestions for new friends in your area right away. That’s one of the things that makes Friendable so special, actually – all of its recommendations come from local neighborhoods. The app has a strictly local focus, so you won’t have to sort through people who are living in a different state or country. Instead, you’ll only meet people who live near you.

 Many apps let you meet people nearby, but Friendable goes one step farther and actually suggests good meetup spots in your neighborhood. The app intelligently pulls from spots like bars and coffee shops around you to take the awkward edge off of first-time meetings. It’s a great way to encourage you to actually follow through with the meetups that you have scheduled; one problem with many of the current crop of social apps is that there’s no accountability, and some people, fearing an awkward interaction, will skip out. But by setting the meeting in a comfortable, local spot, Friendable makes it easier to say ‘yes’ to meeting strangers.

 Of course, you don’t just have to meet up with strangers in Friendable. You can also chat and get to know one another a little better. There’s a fully featured chat system that encourages robust conversation and dynamic interactions with your new friends, and talking to your contacts couldn’t be easier. If you want to eschew the pre-baked meetup spots and forge your own way, you’re in for a very easy time.

 You’ll have a great time navigating all of the app’s various features thanks to an intuitive and responsive UI. The app has been designed with quick use and easy communication in mind, and that really comes across during use of the app.

 Friendable is a highly intuitive, ultra-local friend finder that feels a cut above the other social apps on the market right now. It’s intelligently built and boasts a slew of smart new features, and the app’s local focus means that you’ll always have new people to meet in your area.

 If you’d like to meet new friends, download Friendable and give it a shot.


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