Get ready to have tons of fun with face-paced gameplay in this “Get Off My Glass!!”


Arcade games are among the most popular on any platform. They get the blood pumping, the fingers moving, and it is a great way to test your reflexes and wits. There are a variety of arcade games out there, including shooters, fighting games, adventure games, platformers, and more which makes narrowing it down a little difficult. Nevertheless, here to narrow down our search we have selected “Get Off My Glass!!” game app for your smartphone.

What is “Get Off My Glass!!”?

“Get Off My Glass!!” is a stylish new arcade tapper style tapping about delicately smashing an annoying army of flies that have attacked the newly installed window of your office and you are unable to see the outside environment of your office properly. Now you job in the game is to tap exactly over each fly to kill it and make the scene more clearly.

Although the game is simple one tap controlled game but the thing that makes it difficult is that these fly are moving from one place to other and you single wrong tap can break your window glass so be precise while you are trying to kill these flies. One thing that you need to remember during game play is that you have to avoid tapping the bees as they can end up your gameplay. There are also boosters offered in the game to enhance your gameplay and make an ease to kill the flies.

There is also an option for sharing your score with your friends or with other game center players. The game statistics are well defined and you can compete both with players around the globe or your social networking friends.

The graphics and sounds truly define it a best arcade game. Download it today free on your Android devices and have some fun. Direct download link to the app present below:

Google Play Download Link: Get Off My Glass!!


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