Have Simple Fun Times on your Android Smartphone with Birds


Since the development of smartphones and the many apps and games on them, one of the most popular and favorite games users to choose to play are certainly the tap games. Because of their popularity and demand, finding the most addictive and fun tap game to test your skills is not that easy. Luckily for all tappers out there, we looked and we found one entertaining and challenging tap game that will challenge your fast and precise reactions. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Birds?

Birds is a great choice for smartphone users that like playing simple and yet addictive and challenging tap games. This tap game is developed for android users, with amazing sharp cool graphics and entertaining sounds effects that will make you love this adventure even more. You have only one task in this endless tap adventure and that is to tap and fly the bird while being careful keep the bird safe as long as you possibly can so you can win your high scores.

Why do we love this tap game?

This game will hook you to playing on your first try with its amazing features and adventurous gameplay. All you need to do in the game is to tap on the screen to fly the bird through the obstacles, getting the bird safe as far as you can. To make this tap bird game even more challenging for you, as you try to fly the bird and get it as far as you can, you need to get the bird to fly between the pipes on the way, without hitting into them. When the bird, hits any of the pipes, the tap game will be over and you will need to start playing from the start. Pause the endless tap game if needed, and continue playing from where you’ve stopped. Test your tap skills and see how far you can get the bird to win your high scores. Have fun on the adventure and become the ultimate tapper of this incredibly addictive and exciting endless tap adventure.

Download the game for free now on Google Play to test your skills and fly the bird as far as you can!

Google Play Download Link: Birds


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