Holo – Ai location messages app is one of the best use of AI


Location-based apps/location-aware apps are apps that offer various services depending on user’s location as identified using GPS or data from the cell tower and Wi-Fi. There are several types of this kind of services out there in the app markets but again the thing that troubles most of the users is to choose the right one for them. That is why we are here with a review for an app from the same category named, Holo – Ai location messages.

What is Holo – Ai location messages?

Holo – Ai location messages is an app that lets you leave or send messages to people who are around that specific location. The recipient will not get the message, or leave, until they are in a specified geographic location. The app delivers the right message at the right place in the right time. The app uses GPS of your phone to track your location and you can customize the app to pick your message and location automatically or you can input by your own.

The message you can share through this app can be your experience about the shopping at that location or it can be about some food items you have enjoyed at that location. All you have to do is to setup the message and leave the rest to this app. this app is also a good option to set a reminder for yourself at specific location like shopping of some goods or it can be collection your tickets and boarding pass.

Holo – Ai location messages is also a good option for local businesses to share about their deals and offers to the audience in that specific location. For the business, this app cost $0.01 for each triggered notification. Other users can download this app free on their iOS or Android devices from the links present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Holo – Ai location messages.

Google Play Download Link: Holo – Ai location messages.

Holo for Business users: Holo for business


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