Kibii – Amazing Lifestyle App for Discovering Interesting Things to Do Near You


Whether you’re traveling to a new city for the first time or bored at home on the weekend, discovering events near you can be tricky. After all, people usually find out about cool events by word of mouth or by being an extremely loyal online fan/follower/subscriber of whoever’s hosting it. Luckily in this world of smartphones and apps, there are apps to help with this issue. We searched and discovered a great lifestyle app for discovering new and exciting things to do in your area. Let’s see what the app offers.

What is this app about?

This lifestyle app is quite easy and efficient to use, very user-friendly, developed for both android and IOS users that need help to discover new and exciting things and activities they could do nearby them just with a tap on their phones. With the help of the app, users can explore activities in their surroundings, getting suggestions from users and discovering restaurants, bars, classes and much more to experience something fun and new. Special events and nights can be easily planned with the app.

Why do we choose Kibii?

Kibii and the features offers allows users to effortlessly explore specially made curated Kibii buckets made for each user depending on his preferences. The app is even offering users to discover new and exciting things in their surroundings by offering more than 350 categories of exciting activities to choose from. The activities can be sorted out by the user depending on the best match, the highest rated and nearby activities. Viewing the best restaurants, events, activities, bars and placer nearby can be easily done with the app with a simple tap on it. To pick a new place to explore can be quickly and conveniently done with the app with the Kibii Express. Users that choose an event can schedule an Uber using the app to go right to the event. Reviews, hours of operation, directions and other event details can be viewed so the user gets the ability to plan ahead the activity and event. Discovering places that you like can be saved as favorites and viewed later. Experience something new and fun to do in your surroundings with the app’s many categories so you can always find something different and exciting to do. To decide more quickly about activities and events, the app suggests things to do as well.

Download this app on Google Play and App Store for free to discover things to do in your surroundings!

Official Website: Kibii

App Store Download Link: Kibii

Google Play Download Link: Kibii


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