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In the easly stages of every child music is very important. Music is one of the first art forms that children understand and can easily enjoy even when they are really small.  At same time, music helps in their  intellectual development. Interesting song or a catchy tune will be entertaining for a child, but listening to music is also beneficial for the process of learning language.  Because of that it is always good to expose kids to music from the earliest age.
In the modern world with all the new technologies, there are many new and exciting opportunities for kids to get into music.  They are mainly presented through the form of mobile devices and their apps, which are more accessible to a child than regular musical instruments. From the development team Lidee we present you very creative and distinctive app  called Let’s play with Doudou. Let’s play with Doudou is available on iTunes Store and Google PlayStore, which means that it can be installed on any device which uses an iOS system version 6.0 or Android 4.0.3 and up.

Let’s play with Doudou offers very interesting concepts that provides kids with more than 100 different songs. The app features a character named Doudou, who is a cute musical animal helper that will be loved by kids that use the app. Let’s play with Doudou plays the songs in its database, and allows kids to tap and use different features like the piano or the drum with the song.  And while doing that, they can see every rhyme because the lyrics of every song are shown on the screen.  This is one of the main features because allows kids to gradually start to learn words while they sing their favorite songs.

Many songs that are features are in English, which will provide great entertainment for a very international audience.  Another important element of the app’s functionality is the fact that Doudou can be decorated in many different manners.  Users can choose lot of different T-shirts, sweaters and other kinds of clothes, and dress Doudou as they like and make it even cutter.
What makes Let’s play with Doudou different and better from other apps is the fact that this app includes a subscripiton. Any subscribers receive access to all the content of the app and it can also be installed on additional devices which use an Android operating system.  This is what makes this app a great choice for parents and makes it a lot more effective than other similar apps.
So why the wait? Download it now and let you kid sing his favorite songs. Download it for iOS from iTunes AppStore for free or from Google PlayStore.


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