Manage your apps, network and data with the powerful Data/Wifi Idling Manager


Data Wifi Idling Manager

While Android smartphones are significantly getting more advanced, it can seem as though battery life and app performance are few of the areas where the improvement is not so great or so frequent. Which means for many, daily battery usage remains an issue and slow opening of some apps is still frustrating. If that sounds like your Android experience, then it is worth knowing that there is a great new app that will improve the level of battery life you are currently getting, save data and wifi and improve the performance of the apps. We are talking about Data/Wifi Idling Manger that has the capability to turn off the wifi when the phone’s display is turned off.

Why We Loved It?

Because it is one of the most useful and interesting Android smartphone features we used till date. You can toggle your data/wifi simply, set timers so the data/wifi can be turned on/off whenever you want and generally it really can save battery and stop apps to interfere in each other’s performance.

Data/Wifi Idling Manager Features

The wifi idling manager features are executed perfectly. Besides the ability to setup intervals and timers, you can also whitelist apps. In that case the Data/Wifi Idling Manager will become inactive while the whitelisted app is still running. Not only that, you can have the same apps after 30 minutes of screen off time. This timer is reset whenever you turn off your screen. Pretty neat and useful feature.

However, users should know that the data toggle manager only works for rooted devices.

At the end of the day, this is a light, simple and useful app that can help you in saving battery, better management of your phone and improving the performance of your Android device. It is a nice app to have on your phone! Download link is included bellow.

Google Play Download Link: Data/Wifi Idling Manager


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