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There are some solid property managements software solutions, but all do require computers. If you want to manage your tenants on the go, you’ll need reliable apps that will offer wide variety of features like organizing the payments, dates, names, statements etc. Property management can be easy with the app we’ll present today.

How To Manage Properties with RentPal

RentPal is an iOS and Android app we recently discovered while searching for quality mobile rent and property management solutions for our readers. This app makes the control, analysis and organization of any property much easier.

The app is integrated with PayPal and it enables property managers to create charges and receipts (that can be automated) for their tenants. In that way everyone will have clear overview of the process and things will go much more organized and easier. All payments are secured and based on the encrypted PayPal servers.

But, RentPal goes further with enabling features like adding additional fees and charges. Through the app the managers will be able to add fees for pets, security deposit and similar additional expenses. You can add lease reminders and as many tenants as you want. All of your tenants are stored on your account and you can re-check the current conditions you have with any tenant at any given moment.

If the tenant refuses to pay online, you can always charge him with cash or check and enter the payment manually.

It is indeed a really tidy and useful property and rent management app. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

App Store Download Link: RentPal

Google Play Download Link: RentPal


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