Mapsted Navigation – Revolutionary Navigation App


Technology has drastically evolved overtime and so has navigation. Now traveling and exploring the world is much easier with GPS navigation apps. But most applications majorly support Internet connectivity for accessing maps. So, what if you get lost in the middle of nowhere? Keeping this in mind, offline navigation apps are designed to offer you assistance even without Internet connection. They’re like your digital pocket map which you can carry anywhere around the world! Offline maps are great additions to your smartphone arsenal. You can’t always rely on network access or Wi-Fi, and the last thing you want is to find yourself lost in a new area with no reception. There are lots of great navigation and maps apps for when you do have a data connection, or when you’re offline, but what about indoors navigation? It’s a first-world problem, but a problem nevertheless: How do you navigate an indoor space when GPS does not work? And as with everything these days, there’s an app for that! This one is called Mapsted Navigation!

What is Mapsted Navigation?

Mapsted Navigation is a free, easy to use, greatly designed indoors navigation app that does not requires you to spend all your data connection or be constantly connected to Wi-Fi for it to work. It’s a revolutionary navigation concept that lets you navigate yourself trough big shopping malls, and soon there will be maps for other indoor spaces such as airports and hospitals. Forget about staring at direction signs and aimlessly stumbling or getting yourself lost in the mall. Mapsted Navigation provides detailed maps of many shopping malls, all you have to do is download the map for the mall in advance and use it whenever you need to. The app lets you search for stores, even products and services by category, type or name and will provide you with the exact path you’ll have to take to reach them.

Mapsted Navigation’s innovative navigation features

The Mapsted app uses proprietary, patented technology which provides highly accurate indoor navigation. It accurately displays locations of stores, washrooms, service kiosks and other amenities in a building. The app shows your location, the locations of the places you want to visit and it guides you on your way. The Mapsted Navigation map does not require Wi-Fi of mobile data connection to work. This app is the only stand-alone indoor navigation system in the world at this moment. You doesn’t have to worry about battery consumption as the app is light and uses very little power. And as we mention earlier, Mapsted Navigation app will be soon able to guide it’s users through airports, hospitals, university campuses, public office buildings and other indoor facilities.

You can find and download Mapsted Navigation for free at the Google Play Store.

Play Store Download Link: Mapsted Navigation