Never Have to Sleep Back Anymore with Alarmy

Never Have to Sleep Back Anymore with Alarmy

Never Have to Sleep Back Anymore with Alarmy

You make decisions everyday at different levels. The hardest one to make is always the one that must be the very moment you wake up in bed. Ofttimes than not, that drowsy ass wins over the determination to stand it up and hit the showers, where everything is supposed to begin fueling the daily locomotive. For the better choice to be met, the Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) app is up to that end.

You can’t deny the power of gravity and it always sad to think that the lethargic wake in the morning is almost always the stronger force. The Alarmy app is basically an alarm clock that sets itself apart from any of the frivolous alternatives that you have tried to no real success: It defies that irksome gravity by simply being an annoying force itself. It is the kind of alarm clock designed to tirelessly annoy the very person who has commissioned it of the waking service and it just won’t give up until its purpose has been served. If you think you’re the most stubborn thing in this world, then be ready to question that argument as soon as you experience the exasperation this app is built to deliver.

The Nitty Gritty

Now, you probably get the whole gist of Alarmy. It’s something to beat the crap out of that conventional iPhone alarm clock, right. But to further elaborate that would be pleasurably done by the two main features it presents.

1.Point of Determination

In this feature, the app will make you register a room and an object as signifiers that you have already risen from that deceitful bed. The very moment the registration is done, there’s no stopping the app in the morning in the exact time you set it to siren. It just won’t until you have finally reached that room and taken a picture of the recognized surrounding as well as the determining object, such as the bathtub being filled with water.

2.Proof of Labor

Basically, in this feature that I had just coined myself, you will have to shake the phone at least 50 times. If you miss one shake, then it goes back to zero and your required shaking will be doubled. And you wouldn’t want that, but if you’re sleepy you don’t really have a choice. So you go back to zero and decide that damn, Alarmy is just so stubborn so much as it is clever.

Needless to say, Alarmy has a lacuna between other alarm clock apps out there. It’s intuitive, smart and relentless in its pursuit. You’re going to want it as much as you will hate it. Most importantly, you know you need it.


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