Numplussed – Top-notch Android & iOS puzzle maze game with fun puzzle math challenges


Puzzle games, just like every other genre, are sharing in the mobile gaming boom. Touchscreen controls are ideal for intuitive control of puzzle elements, and short, sharp mental challenges are perfect for gaming on the go. That’s why today we will recommend a great new game that can and will challenge you to the fullest, especially if you adore puzzle match challenges. We are talking about Numplussed.

How the game came to be – history?

This outstanding puzzlers is created by Ian Finch (Codeulike Games), a veteran of the 80s/90s BBC/Acorn game scene.

Ian started programming at 8 years old, when his family bought a BBC Model B micro. Like any kid who was learning programming at that time, he wanted to write games. In 1988 the family computer was upgraded to an Acorn Archimedes – at the time one of the fastest home computers in the world. This upgrade proved to be very productive for Ian, and enabled him to write and publish several games while he was studying for his GCSE’s and A-levels. Bug Hunter and Bug Hunter In Space (both published in 1990 by Minerva Software) were hits at the time and are still fondly remembered within the (admittedly fairly small) Acorn retro gaming community.

Around that time Ian had the idea for a maze game involving the adding and subtracting of numbers. He produced a prototype in 1989 but then let the idea take a back seat.

Then lots of other stuff happened.

In 2015 Ian started spending his spare time (his main job being a freelance coder for charities) working on the number maze game again. Originally envisioned as a desktop game (because in 1990 that was the only type of game there was) he realized it would translate well into a mobile format. And hence, Numplussed was created.

Numplussed features

Now let’s go back to the game. Released last week, this math puzzle game gained attention due to its great innovative puzzle maze concept that combines logic, strategy and simple math in hundreds of levels.

It is an original game concept that many users will love, particularly the fans of math, logic and strategy games. Besides the neat intuitive touch-and-drag movement, expect a really exceptional and simple game mechanic.

The goal of the game is to visit or touch the numbers in the maze to get the right total for the equals sign. However, there will be twists along the way with blocks and challenges, especially in the later stages. Another important thing is that you can touch the numbers in the puzzles as many times as you want in order to match the equitation. But, you’ll get that with just playing the game for a few seconds.

Everything is packed in a minimal retro graphics that put the puzzles in the foreground. Explore the 125 free levels and buy more levels and remove ads if you want more excitement.

Get Numplussed for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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