Poop Money – Know Exactly How Much You Earn While in the Toilet at Work


Poop Money

If you are frequent in the toilet at work, you should know that there is an app that counts the money you earn while in there. Poop Money will let you know exactly how much you earn hourly, daily, weekly and yearly while pooping. Yes, that is right! Poop money is a great entertainment app that will show amazing calculations.

Poop Money Basic Functionality 

We all visit the toilet at work, one or few times a week and spend several minutes. The app quickly activates and counts your time there and transforms it into salary. The interesting thing about Poop Money, besides the general concept and idea, is that the app can do various calculations. It gives you options to enter your salary earning per day/week or month. The time you poop is kept, but also how much money you earned for every poop and in total.

Additional Features

Yes the calculations are interesting and useful, but the app will also keep you engaged and entertained while you are in the toilet. There is interesting content, funny and cool stories, jokes and content.

At the end of the day, Poop Money is a great app to have on your phone. It will make the boring things we do in life interesting and show you cool statistics from your work poops to give you an awkward satisfaction. Get it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Poop Money