Popcorn Trivia the best movie quiz for the true cinephiles


Searching for a movie quiz to test your movie knowledge? Do you think you have the adequate amount of knowledge about movies to pass the best movie trivia game? With this fun game, you will get to know some trivia about the best movies of all the times. This app is known as Popcorn Trivia.

You can play arcade or multiplayer mode

This movie trivia game will offer you a tone of fun and excitement. You can play it in the arcade or multiplayer mode. It’s called popcorn trivia because for each correct answer you earn popcorns that are considered like points. If you decide to play the multiplayer mode with your friends, then you will earn points and special ranks that will allow you to climb the leaderboard.

Test your overall cinema smarts

You can host your own game by using a different range of movies from all genres and challenge your friends and test your film knowledge.

When you start the game, select a film, according to your taste and whose trivia you think you have the best chance of answering. There are a variety of movies through which you can test your overall cinema smarts.

Earn more points to stay longer in this game

The more points you earn, the more lifelines, you get. This means that the points you earn can help you to earn bonuses and be later used as lifelines for extra-hard questions asked to you.

This movie quiz app is updated on a regular basis with new movies. You can play this game at parties or on your own.

So don’t wait and download this amazing app from Google, App or Microsoft store for free and test your movie knowledge.

Download Link Google Store: Popcorn Trivia

Download Link App Store: Popcorn Trivia

Download Link Microsoft Store: Popcorn Trivia


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