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There are a virtually endless number of ways to listen to music these days. You can stream them, listen to the radio, watch music videos, and the old methods (like vinyl) are still humming along as they ever were. Sometimes, though, people like to just hit play and let it go without having to manage every little thing like playlists, play order, or anything like that. For those people, we’d like to present the best radio app Radio radios 100FM.

Radio radios 100FM has an intuitive interface that makes it a snap to listen to streaming radio while you’re on the move. The app allows you to select between many non-stop music channels. You can find channels for the different categories of music, and that are totally free from commercials and short breaks, so you can enjoy using that app whenever you want to.

There is a special sports mode channel that allows you to track your workout, as well as the calories you have burnt. You can also browse for the guest performances by choosing archives. And that not the end by tuning to Live channel its possible now to watch your favorite DJ’s.

Liked the song? Don’t search here and there for it as there is an option to add it straight to your phone’s playlist by paying for it.

Radio radios 100FM also works with Apple watch and it free to install on both iOS and Android devices. Download links for recommended stores are given below:

App Store Download Link: Radio radios 100FM

Google Play Download Link: Radio radios 100FM


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