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Pokémon Go proved that the combination of augmented reality and a treasure hunt can be wildly popular with people of all ages. Now planners can tap into that craze to drive traffic at their events with a new app known as Seek.

What is Seek?

Seek is an app based on a similar concept as Pokémon Go, except it rewards users with real prizes. Seek would bring families and friends together in epic adventures with awesome rewards. The mission of this app is to help people find “rewards through adventure” and get involved in some healthy activities. Moreover, this app is also good to boost your sales and draw more traffic to your franchises and businesses.

How it is good for planners and businesses?

The app allows planners to place virtual “treasure chests” anywhere around their event, as long as it is a location that has GPS available. Attendees see dots on a map indicating the locations of the treasure. Once they get within about 10 feet of it, the app uses the phone’s camera to bring up an augmented-reality view showing the treasure chest in front of them. By clicking on it, the animated chest spins and opens to reveal if the user has won a prize. So at a trade show or festival, for example, exhibitors can have a treasure chest in their booths and virtually “fill” it with items of their choosing. This draws traffic to their booth and gives them a new way to give away products and prizes as opposed to a traditional raffle.

So what else you want? Join this most trending platform today and make a way to your dreams comes true. Download it free on your iOS and Android devices from the link present at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Seek – Rewards through Adventure

Google Play Download Link: Seek – Rewards through Adventure


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