Taxi Sharing is an app, which lets you find a share taxi to save your travel expenses



While getting to a party is generally easy, getting back home can be difficult especially if you do not know the phone number for any local taxi firms! Naturally, we are not just stranded at parties. It’s easy to go out anywhere and then realize that it’s quite late and you don’t know the phone number for any taxi companies. You are stuck. Oh no! Worse still, you could be stuck in a foreign city with no phone numbers and nowhere to turn!

This is where taxicab app has come into play. A taxi-booking app is easy to download and install, and it uses GPS to find your location and hook you up with a local cab driver who will pop along and take you home within minutes. It is so effortlessly simple, and it is a fantastic way of getting home safely. The only problem you really have is deciding which the best taxi app is for you and your needs. To help you out we picked out an app, Taxi Sharing.

What is Taxi Sharing?

Taxi Sharing is a unique app in the way it works. The app uses GPS of your mobile phone to find the people in your neighborhoods that are looking for a taxi and want to go in the same direction in which you are going. It allows you to post a request within the app which helps other peoples to find you. It comes up great and user-friendly features.

Key Features

  • It offers a social feature, which allows you to chat with people going in your directions.
  • It allows you access the user’s profiles.
  • It comes up with rating feature, which makes an ease for you in choosing the right traveling mate for your journey.
  • You can place markers on the map to identify the place where both of you can meet.
  • You can add the destination address
  • And much more….

This amazing tool is free for your Android devices and can be downloaded from the direct download link present at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Taxi Sharing