The ad-hoc video app videmic, which transmits high-resolution videos



Still transferring files using Bluetooth? It is too slow, right? So, why you are not looking for something new for faster file transfer between two Android devices, as there are tons of such apps available for android with different features and different mediums of communication. Here were are going to provide with one of the best video sharing Android app to make your video file transfer faster than ever before. We are talking about videmic offline video sharing.

What is Videmic?

Videmic is new app for video files transfer that does not require any data connection or internet broadband connection it works offline on the principles of peer-to-peer communication. This app uses the Wi-Fi interface of your device and turns your device into a adhoc connection. With this amazing app now you can watch high quality on your mobile, no matter where ever you are either you are travelling by train or you are on the beach.

What it offers?

The app allows you device to receive videos matching your hastags when you are meeting other people or and it works even if the smartphone is in your pocket. Now with its useful features never miss any videos from the concerts of your favorite bands or a fashion show or if it is a performance at the club, you will get all the videos in HD format if you missed to visits these.

Now make cool selfies or post your fun making videos and transmit to the people in your nearby premises. The flashing icon of videmic in your phone indicates this P2P search for new video clips in your proximity.

It Involves Social Features Too

With videmic now, you can also subscribe to your favorite channels and watch their videos even if you have no internet connection. You can also share teasers of your video clips on Facebook or WhatsApp with your friends and whenever your friends enter your proximity they will receive full length of these videos free and instantly.

So, what are you waiting for? Just have a look on that amazing Android app for fast file transfer and add it today to you device without any cost.

Great new updates come with the new version of Videmic. Now users can add Video recommendations for download. Users can also subscribe to channels of your stars and download their videos for watching them with the Videmic offline video player. It still remains one of the best offline video players.

Google Play Download Link: videmic offline video sharing


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