Ultra Fun and Addictive Froggy Dodge Arcade Game for Overcoming Boredom


Arcade games for mobile are very interesting with decent graphics, amazing gameplay, smooth controls, and good sound effects to keep the game fun. Back in the days, an arcade game was simply coin-operated games, but now you don’t need coins to operate or play an arcade game, all you have to do is take out your android smartphone or iPhone and enjoy an exciting gaming experience. Today we have a cool swipe and dodge arcader in the name of Froggy Dodge.

New, Fun and Addictive Arcade Game

For all of you seekers of new, fun and addictive arcade swipe games to kill your boredom immediately and replace it with some exciting and intense gameplay than check out our proposal for today called Froggy Dodge. As the name of the game says, it’s about a frog which wants to become a king, so your task as a player is to help him in achieving his desire.

Master the swipe and dodge games

In this game there is a grid where you have bombs and crowns, so your job is to successfully manage your main character in horizontally or vertically in the grid to collect the crowns successfully and avoid the bombs. In order to master this game and achieve high scores you have to train your reaction and reflex skills and also the concentration ability. Stay longer as you can and avoid the bombs to make the dream come true for your little green champ.

If you find Froggy Dodge interesting and suitable for your taste of gaming, than download it on these links below and enjoy it as you want or wish!

Google Play Download Link: Froggy Dodge

App Store Download Link: Froggy Dodge

Official Website: Froggy Dodge


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