Word Travel – Tons of Fun & Exciting Word Guessing Challenges


The mentally stimulating puzzles are back, this time with a touch of color and light as you navigate through the amazing adventure gameplay offered. One of the most popular brain stimulating games are certainly the word games. Playing this type of game can help you enhance and test your vocabulary while offering you endless fun and adventure. In order to make your search easier, we discovered one great word game which is offering you fun and education in one. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this game about?

Very entertaining and exciting this word connect puzzle is developed for both android and IOS users that like to solve puzzles and challenge their skills. On this word puzzle, players can use simple controls while enjoying the neat graphics and challenging gameplay, guessing many word challenges and connecting words to get the fuel needed for their airplane adventure around the world. Filled with incredible word guessing challenges, the game offers the player a chance to test his skills and enhance his vocabulary while taking the chance to become the ultimate word traveller of this fun word puzzle.

Why do we love this puzzle?

Word Travel has to offers its players, very fun and exciting adventurous gameplay which is testing their word guessing skills by asking from them to guess the words fast and connect the right letters correctly to get the right dictionary words. By playing this word puzzle, players get to enjoy incredible mixed adventure from geography and history, hop on their plane, travel and earn fuel by guessing the words. Players can progress into 10 chapters and each of the chapters has to offer 10 levels. Every one of the levels and chapters is different, unique in ambience and difficulty, giving the players even more challenging puzzles for solving as they progress.

The game also offers the players hints, whenever they need help to connect the letters and guess the words. To get the highest scores, the player needs to answer fast and correctly, solve as many word puzzles as possible, dominating the connect puzzles and get on top of the game’s global leaderboards as the best word guesser. Download this game on Google Play and App Store for free to enjoy tons of word guessing challenges!

Google Play Download Link: Word Travel

App Store Download Link: Word Travel


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