Android Game of the Day – Cube Master


The market of casual games has grown significantly over the last few years. As the name suggests, casual games are not aimed towards your ‘sit down and focus’ clan. Instead, they are supposed to be easy – the kind that you can just pick up and put down – and the revolution of smartphones and tablets has made casual gaming more accessible than ever before.

Today we cover one new casual game in the name of Cube Master, designed to provide hours of fun single and multiplayer gameplay.

Basic Info

Cube Master is a 3D casual & action cube game where you are controlling a cube on a platform. The goal is to keep your cube character on the platform.

2 Game Modes, Impressively Fun Gameplay

Cube Master features 2 game modes: infinity  & multiplay mode. In the endless mode you are battling against cubes while completing levels and competing for a high score, while in multiplayer mode you can play on your phone with a friend in rounds. The game will take you through super-fun environments where you can also make use of powerups.

If you like battles and are looking for new casual and action game fun for your Android device, Cube Master is a must try. Get it for free from the link bellow.

Google Play Download Link: Cube Master


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