Android Game of the Day – Kit Rabbit


Who would have thought that running along a platform and occasionally jumping over a gap in the floor, or jumping on top of an enemy would prove so popular, for so long.

The platform game genre can be traced back to Super Mario, who’s still going strong today with the amazing Super Mario 3D World. However, there has certainly been contenders to the crown. Today we will speak about 1 new Android platformer – Kit Rabbit.

What is Kit Rabbit?

Kit Rabbit is all new Android platform arcader from the creators of the already popular Jake Adventure. The game focuses around the adventure of the Kit Rabbit. The story of the game is that the Kit Rabbit’s world was invaded and you need to avoid all obstacles and beat the invaders.

From the very first moment you start playing the game, you’ll get a feeling of enjoyment and adventure. This is because of the compelling graphics, sound effects and artwork. The movements and controls are classic and like expected in platform games.

What’s cool about this kids platformer is that there are 8 worlds, and some extra hidden bonuses and rewards that are always cool to get. Additionally, in some moments you may need to get in the underwater world, so instead of run and jump, this game may turn into swim, run and jump.

Kit Rabbit is pure platform jumper which offers tons of fun times. It’s free and available on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Kit Rabbit


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