Android Game of the Day – WordJam


Word games are a great way to help young children learn how to read and spell or to help older children really fall in love with words. Today we have one of the best new kids word games for Android – Wordjam. It is specially made for children aged 6-12 years but may be fun for older kids and even adults.

Why we loved it?

First and foremost WordJam features a very cute and appealing design. When you open the game you start in the category of Ice Cream. It features wide variety of levels, which you need to pass in order to go to the other levels.

The gameplay and controls are smooth and very enjoyable. From our experience, the word guessing challenges are just at the right difficulty (not to hard, not to easy). The game gives generous 10 hints to help the player when the going gets tough. Usually the challenges are consisted of 2 and 3 letter words at the beginning and they increase to more letters in the later stages.

To get you more in the game and to create a nice ambiance, the word guessing game is accompanied by a lovely soundtrack and sound effects.

All in all, WordJam is a sweet, challenging and definitely a word game worth trying. You can easily download this cute touch-crosswords finding game for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: WordJam


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