Android Game of the Day – Zombies Hunter


Platform games are one of the oldest genres in all of video games and it’s also one of the most popular. In fact, the Mario franchise is among the most successful franchises of all time in any genre. Thankfully, the controls translate fairly well to mobile. Thus, there are some decent mobile platformers out there. And today we’ll speak about one of the best new ones for android – Zombies Hunter.

Fun & Exciting Zombie Hunting

The focus in Zombie Hunter is put around 2 cool characters who are wandering around in the city filled with zombies and need to go as long as they can. The gameplay is mostly platform 2D runner and shooter, with some parts reminding of a zombie survival gameplay.

The controls are super easy – on the left side you can shoot to kill the zombies, and on the right side you can jump to avoid the zombies or climb on the platforms.

Cute and fun, Zombies Hunter has that X factor that makes every second fun and makes you come back for more to do better with your zombie shooter hero. Maybe it’s the simplicity, or maybe it’s the cool and challenging gameplay, but there is something irresistibly fun in this 2d platform shooter.

One thing is certain, Zombies Hunter offers hours of irresistible fun for Android users. Now it’s free and available on Google Play. Get it for free!

Google Play Download Link: Zombies Hunter


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