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The dawn of mobile phones has changed the way people access information. Almost everything we need is available at our fingertips and available on demand. The fact that the current breed of students is comfortable using cool new gadgets only goes to show that the influence of technology is here to stay. If you are looking for a way to learn and improve your English pronunciation and master thousands of words, we have the right education app for you. Read more about this amazing app.

What is ABC English?

ABC English is an amazing education app developed for android users and it’s one of the best ways for improving your English pronunciation. This education tool is suitable for all English students, regardless of their levels and its’ created by a vetted English teacher. With this app, you will learn to use the latest teaching methodologies to improve your English pronunciation naturally and with great success. Listen to the right pronunciation for thousands of words and learn to master thousands of words.

Why do we love this education app?

This English education app allows you to listen to the right English pronunciation for thousands of different words. On the app, you can record your own pronunciation to cross-check and with that you are offered a trial and error approach that will encourage you to further test your pronunciation of the words you choose. One of the best things on the app is that you are able to listen to the recording and see if you are pronouncing the English words right. Once one word is mastered, you can continue learning and mastering new English words. Lots of words to choose from are available within the app and you can even use the specialized ones towards a certain field if you want to. This is creative and powerful way so you can learn the English pronunciation properly, improving your English both in written and verbal format. Boost your English skills.

Download the app for free on Google Play to improve your English pronunciation naturally and with great success!

Google Play Download Link: ABC English


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