App of the Day – Data Smart Switch


From time to time any users of a smartphone needs to transfer and backup data to another phone. No matter if it is a simple phone swap, phone malfunction or selling. The app we will cover today Data Smart Switch, is sure one of the best, if not the best apps to transfer and backup data from phone to phone.

Basic introduction

Data Smart Switch is a helpful and easy to use backup and transfer data from phone to phone app which does the transfer in the simplest way – over a wifi network. All you need to do is follow simple instructions, have the app on both phones and have them connected on the same wifi network.

Fast, easy and thorough

Switching phone can be daunting. Anyone who did this should now. Not with this simple tool where you have two backup, restore and transfer options. So remember all you need is to have the both phones (works with tablets too) on the wifi network. Then you can start copying your data like calendar, contacts, photos, videos. Alternatively, you can backup and restore data from Google Drive.

The process can go through super-fast depending your internet connection and amount of data. So, if you need a reliable app to transfer and backup data over wifi, Data Smart Switch should be one of your top choices. Try it for free.

Google Play Download Link: Data Smart Switch


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