App of the Day – Hyper Cleaner, Booster, CPU Cooler


Routine upkeep is not a necessity in Android, but it surely is a good idea to clean your Android from time to time to boost performance, enhance battery life and get rid of junk files. When you are ready to clean your android smartphone, you most definitely need a reliable android app to do this for you. Our today’s app of the day Hyper Cleaner, Booster, CPU Cooler is definitely an app that can help you with this.

Why Hyper Cleaner, Booster, CPU Cooler

This easy to use and perfectly optimized app has many different optimization features in one app. If you haven’t done any cleaning activities, try with the hyper cleaner. This will clean all junk and unnecessary files and speed up your phone.

The booster feature is here to optimize your RAM memory – it optimizes the way your phone works with active apps. It helps when you have too many apps open. Finally, when you feel like your phone is heating and the temperature is up, use the CPU cooler.

While testing this utility we realized that is a very well built and helpful tool. So, if you are in need of an app to help you optimize and make your phone faster, this is the app to try. Get it for free on google play.


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