App of the Day – Me Time ASMR


If pressing play on a shuffled playlist isn’t enough for you, it’s time to step up and build your own sounds to create your own ambience. One of the best apps to do so for iPhone is Me Time ASMR, a sound mixing app for iPhone and iPad. This advanced sound mixing app has over 40 sounds that you can mix into one and create an ambient music based on your needs and taste.

Why You’ll Love Me Time ASMR

The UI of the app is extremely simple (which is rare for this kind of sound mixing apps). Explore the numerous categories of sounds and then start mixing them with different sound volume. The categories of sounds are extremely versatile – one of the most versatile and unique we’ve seen. From office sounds including paperclip sound, to nature, human and liquid sounds, there is something for everyone.

There is no limit to sound playing and you are your own sound producer. Select as many sounds you want, determine the volume and enjoy the sounds. The universal selection of sounds gives you an ability to use it for many different aspects of life. The nature sounds can be used for relaxation, the white noise sounds for sleeping etc.

At the end of the day Me Time ASMR is a great and handy sound mixing app because of the simplicity, functionality and quality of sound selection. It truly gives you a lot more than the thousands of similar free mixing apps. It costs just $0.99 and you may get it on the app store! It’s available for both iPhone & iPad.


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