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Social media rules the world. There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and there is LinkedIn which is more of a professional social network. However, I guess you never heard of a good sports social network. That is why today we will speak about ProMe Sports.

What is ProMe Sports

ProMe Sports is a sports social network for athletes, coaches and fans. It’s the place where athletes can showcase their skills by building profiles with photos and videos. In that way they can connect with fans, build their fan base or get discovered by coaches.

Coaches or scouts get a large user base of athletes and they can discover and connect with talented athletes which are members of ProMeSports.

Users can upload videos and photos and get votes for their skills and content. The best and most voted content is displayed in the top 10 section of the app. Additionally, users can display their bio and stats throughout their player or coaching career.

At the end of the day ProMe Sports is a great way for young athletes to showcase skills and talent and get discovered by coaches and fans. If you love sport, ProMe Sports is a great way to enjoy amazing sports related content. Download this sports social networking app on the app store for free.

App Store Download Link: ProMe Sports


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