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In the presently developing world where smart phones and other technologies hold greater impetus in most of the fields, location tracking no longer remains to be a new term or concept. Every second person is known to the concepts and requirements of cell phone and location tracking and the availability of various apps for that. Today we will speak about one advanced location tracker and places visited timeline – Visits.

What is Visits?

At its core it’s an auto location timeline of the places you’ve visited. This place I’ve been tool keeps track of all of the places you’ve visited in one simple and intuitive tool. Based on the principles of complete privacy, none of your location is kept, sold or used for ads.

What are some great features of Visits?

The app has several cool features that are well executed. For example, for a specific location / place you’ve visited you can see the duration of your visit and number of times you visited that location. You can also get directions to a place you’ve already been to.

As a user you can also remove any single visit, give custom names to places you’ve been and much more.

Visits is perfectly optimized to not drain your battery, and from our experiences we have to admit that this is true. So, if you want to have a location timeline of the places you’ve been to on your iPhone there is no better app than Visits at the moment. Get it now for free and start recording and tracking the places you’ve visited.

App Store Download Link: Visits


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