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Freelance platforms and apps help companies source contingent workers for projects or job roles that do not necessitate permanent employment. On the other hand, the freelance platforms allow independent professionals to create profiles, share work portfolio, and communicate with potential employers and get more jobs and make money online. Today we will speak about one of the best and increasingly popular freelance app – Workerr.

Tons of categories – great opportunity for both buyers and sellers

When you sign up for Workerr you can sign up as buyer or seller. If you sign up as a seller, you need to list the services you want to sell, describe them and categorize them so they are easy to find on the platform.

If you use as a buyer, you can browse the service categories, search by keyword and start exploring. When you find a service you like you can buy it if the description and price fits your goals, or you can chat and negotiate with the seller. You can also favorite gigs, see last visited gigs and adjust your settings.

Everything in this freelance app is easy to use and intuitive. There are tons of gigs to choose from and the safe platform is highly convenient for any user. Download for free and start earning money from home or outsource talented freelancers at reasonable prices!

Google Play Download Link: Workerr – Online Work From Home Platform



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