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Learning apps are quite popular among smartphone users, especially when it comes to parents that like to engage their kids and help them master the numbers, letters and more. However, among so many of these apps, finding the perfect one for your kid, to gain his attention and entertain him while he is learning can be quite hard. That’s why today we’ll speak about ABC 123, one of the best new learning apps for preschoolers.

Alphabet learning, counting and shapes recognition in one

ABC 123 is a kids’ learning app, especially created for little ones entering the learning phase like toddlers and pre-schoolers to master the kindergarten basics outside the classroom. It features 3 sections dedicated to alphabet learning, counting and shapes recognition. The intuitive screen when you enter the app, makes it easy to choose and start using it instantly.

Tons of great educational content

For each feature, users can customize the gamebook setting according to their own preferences, which turns ABC 123 into a great educational tool. However, the app is extremely simple, that kids can also use it by themselves in no time – after little guidance. The pictures for the alphabet learning can be changed, and anyone can choose their favorite pictures for each alphabet. The users can reset settings to the default setting any time if you like to switch back to the original pictures of animals and various objects that are related to the particular letter. There is also the pronunciation with high quality voice over.

Besides alphabet learning, toddlers can also learn the numbers and counting. With simple taps the numbers can be changed and you can also change the objects that you are numbering.

If your kids are up for fun matching challenge, then the ABC 123’s matching game will keep them engaged and help the recognize and learn shapes. This makes the app versatile and useful for your little ones in multiple aspects of their development.

ABC 123 is a must if you are searching for preschool learning app that is fun and educational. It’s ads-free and doesn’t require in-app purchases. Check it out from the Google Play link below.

Google Play Download Link: ABC 123


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