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Unlike other flashy apps that do nothing more than flattering you or helping you kill your time, utility apps pack some serious stuff in your iPhone. The apps actually make your iPhone useable anywhere, anytime. A smartphone is one that saves you from all troubles and tribulations. And therefore, utility apps are essential for smart users to download first on their iPhones and iPads.That’s why we chose to share with you Alakazu.

What is Alakazu & Why We Love It?

Alakazu is a very useful app for every parent out there. With its help you can exchange, sell, rent or even donate toys. Very simple yet easy way to help yourself and other parents living in the same town as you! Instead of spending money on new and expensive toys, with this app you are now able to give your children new toys that you can buy economically. You can look through all of the toys displayed on the app and review it.

If you want an ecological way to recycle your youngsters’ unused toys, Alakazu is a perfect match for you. You can download it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s completely free on the App Store!

App Store Download Link: Alakazu

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