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Did you ever came across a situation where you have to convert units and you don’t love maths? Well, in that case you often search for a simple method or use technology to convert the units. There are many apps that can be quite handy especially for unit conversion. To find the best conversion tool that offers you all the features you need to convert units quickly is not that easy. We looked and we found an amazing productivity app to serve you as an all in one unit converter. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is All In One Unit Converter?

All In One Unit Converter is an easy to use and super-light productivity app that is especially created as a unit converter, developed for android users. This premium unit converter is all in one tool that will convert dozens of different units with more than 15 units for conversion as well is a tool for conversion of currencies. Simply you need to select the unit you like to convert with this unit converter and the results will be given instantly, directly on your phone.

Why do we love this productivity app?
Just by select the unit of conversion you can get the needed conversion results in micro-seconds. The app also includes a dark and light version depending on your preference of the look of this app. This app is practical and useful for students, business owners and everyone in-between. You can use the app as a currency converter and unit converter as well as a conversion calculator and measurement converter with metric conversion. Various amazing features offer users something for everyone’s needs. The all in one converter includes: cooking, currencies, energy, fuel consumption, length and distance, mass and weight, speed, temperature, time, volume, digital storage and much more. Stop looking for separate conversion apps and enjoy the practicality of this incredible unit converter.

Download this unit converter for free now on Google Play to convert dozens of different units instantly!

Google Play Download Link: All In One Unit Converter


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