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Today, finding a ride is just a smartphone tap away through rideshare apps like Lyft or Uber. With these types of mobile apps it is incredibly easy for riders to secure an on-demand ride to get wherever they need to go. However finding a ride quickly and at the best price as possible can be time-consuming, because of that there are many apps to save your time and money by allowing you to compare prices and call the best ride. We offer a travel app for that purpose. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Anyride?

Anyride is a practical and useful travel app which is developed for IOS users as a ridesharing app that lets you to compare Uber and Lyft and call the best ride in seconds. Save time and money every time you ride with this easy to use and yet highly efficient tool. Simply choose your destination to see all live, exact fares options from Uber and Lyft. Then call the best option with a tap. See all exact fares and call them without having to open another app, offering the fastest way to call a ride to a common location.

Why do we love this travel app?

This travel app is offering various features that will help you to easily and quickly find the best and cheapest ride, with just a tap, without much effort. The app is offering you the ability to see all the exact, down-to-the-penny fares from all rideshare providers. With a tap, you can call any provider you like. All the prices you find on this rideshare app are exactly the same as in Uber or Lyft app. By creating your account on this app, you are automatically getting the chance to find coupons, promotions and any other credit. Call a ride to a recent destination quickly or save your favorite rideshare providers to call them whenever you want to. With the option of Quickride you have the chance to find the best ride automatically with a long press on a ride and call it after five seconds countdown.

Download the app for free now on App Store to call the best and cheapest ride in just a few seconds!

Official Website: Anyride

App Store Download Link: Anyride


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