App Review – Carrot Idea Organizer


Having an idea is one thing; executing on it is another entirely. Ideas come to us in all shapes and sizes, in all levels of importance, and at all different times of day. When it comes to remembering all ideas we have and collecting them in one place to execute them, now there are many apps that offer you the chance to save and organize your ideas in order to grow them. To help with the search, we looked and we found one amazing productivity app for this purpose. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Carrot Idea Organizer?

Carrot Idea Organizer is one simple and yet highly practical productivity app which is developed for android users in order to help them with saving and organizing their ideas. With the help of this easy to use organizer app, users are able to write and save their thoughts on the go to forge a good idea. Users with this app have their chance to collect all their thoughts and ideas on one place, managing them as they want to and brainstorm their idea in order to grow it bigger and bigger.

Why do we love this productivity app?

This productivity app has to offer its users very efficient and helpful features that will help them with organizing and managing their ideas and thoughts. On the app, users are able to create ideas and write them within the app, saving all their ideas on the go, whenever they think of something interesting they want to save.  The app allows users to use the app to also write notes to their ideas and make todos lists to their ideas if they like to. Also, users with this app are able to take pictures to their ideas. If the user wants to brainstorm his idea, he can use the app to question his idea with prepared questions in order to grow it. Users will be able to create a new idea fast with a widget as well.  By using the app, users have the chance to collect their thoughts, create ideas, brainstorm them and grow them as they like, managing and organizing all the ideas in one place as they want to.

Download the app now on Google Play for free to easily create and save your ideas on the go!

Google Play Download Link: Carrot Idea Organizer