App Review – Empire Rush: Rome Defense TD


Strategy games are definitely one of the most interesting, exciting and challenging games you can play. If you like to test your strategy skills and push your brain to think harder in order to win against your enemies, choosing the best strategy game is not that easy. To help you with your choice, we decided to look. We found one incredibly addictive and challenging strategy game that requires from you to save the empire from the barbarians attacking it. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Empire Rush?

Empire Rush: Rome Defense is an incredibly addictive, fun and yet challenging strategy game that will test the strength and the might of your empire. Easy to play, developed for android users, this strategy defense game will get you hooked to playing fast. All you need to do is to defend your empire from the savages and fight a medieval war with your towers and troops. With sharp graphics and exciting sound effects, and many fantastic creatures you will enjoy each second when you are playing this defense game while testing your strategy skills.

Why do we love this strategy game?

This strategy game is offering you an amazing gameplay and many features that will keep your attention each time you play. Testing your strength and the might of your empire, your task in the game is to save the empire from the barbarians attacking it. Many enemies are coming from any flank and you need to stop the savages before they reach the next town. The best defense you have are the mighty towers and all you need to do is to tap in order to build a tower. Move across the map as you like and choose your next battleground so you can test your skills and destroy the enemies before they destroy your empire. To help you through the game, you can purchase gems, packs and powerful items you can use against the barbarians. Create the smartest strategy and save the empire from the savages, becoming the ultimate strategist of this exciting strategy game.

Download the game now on Google Play for free to strategize and build towers to stop the barbarians!

Google Play Download Link: Empire Rush: Rome Defense TD


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