App Review – EzyData


Everyone nowadays is using smartphone devices as an important tool in their daily lives. To make your smartphone more helpful and practical is good to keep track of the data usage and speed of your networks and apps. But, how can you do that? With the right app on your phone, you can easily track the data usage and speed, whenever you want. To help you, we looked and we have one amazing app for this purpose. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is EzyData?

EzyData is one highly helpful and efficient tool which is developed for android users as an easy to use, simple and effortless app that is especially created to help users easily and quickly keep track of the daily usage for phone’s speed in the notification bar. With this amazing app, the users will be able to keep track of the daily usage on the smartphone whenever they need or want to. The app is allowing easy screening of the data usage for mobile Internet, WIFI and the speed of running apps. On the app, users are getting separated statistics about their networks and apps.

Why do we love it?

This speed meter for android phones is showing the users the mobile Internet and WIFI speed easily and quickly. On this app, users will be able to get separated, detailed stats about their mobile network and WIFI network they use on their phones.  With the help of this app, the users are offered to see today’s app usage for mobile and WIFI total data, tracking the daily usage and speed in the notification bar of their phone. The app is helping users by creating monthly billing cycle. By using this app, all users without any effort are getting to keep track of the speed of running applications in real time, constantly be informed about what’s happening with their phone’s apps. On this app, users go data tracking for WIFI usage and cellular usage for easy screening. The app is very easy for using, offering users to track and take care of their phone’s usage and speed effortlessly.

Download the app now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: EzyData