App Review – Flappy Dunk Ball


Since the development of smartphones and the many apps and games on them, one of the most popular and favorite games users to choose to play are certainly the tap games. Because of their popularity and demand, finding the most addictive and fun tap game to test your skills is not easy. Luckily for all tappers out there, we looked and we found one entertaining and challenging tap game that will challenge your precision, focus and concentration. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Flappy Dunk Ball?

Flappy Dunk Ball is one fun and yet challenging tap game which is developed for android user, very easy to play and yet requires from you to showcase immense precision, focus and concentration. In this tap ball bouncing and flappy hoop game you are lead on a journey of endless ball ring matching and thrilling precise ball tap challenges. Your task is to match the colors in order to score. Start your circle ball dunking quest and see how long you can go in this flappy dunk adventure.

Why do we love this tap game?

The dunk flappy ball jump game features vertical flappy hoops with different colors. The bouncing flappy ball will change color and you need to go through the flappy rings of same color. The position of the color matching ball rings and the flappy ball will vary and this makes the game super-challenging. In any case you need to show precision, reflexes and concentration to follow where the flappy ball and circles will take you. Miss the correct ring toss and fail to go through the flappy circles and you lose the game. Tap precisely and expertise the perfect ball bounce to achieve the highest scores and experience incredible flappy hoop dunks. The goal in the game is to bounce and tap jump with the ball as long as possible. While this is easy at the beginning, the flappy hook dunking may become extra hard. See how long you will last.

Download the game for free on Google Play now to tap and match the colors to get the highest scores!

Google Play Download Link: Flappy Dunk Ball


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