App Review – FromX


Staying productive in this fast paced and information overloaded world of today has become increasingly difficult. We often hear successful people describe their organizational, time management habits or routines, which almost every time include some productivity apps on their mobile devices. But not all apps can cater to the needs of every person, as our needs and preferences differ immensely. On top of that, almost all the productivity apps on the market are specialized for only one or couple of tasks, so we end up filling our phones with apps for time management, note taking, to-do lists, file sharing, data backup and more. But, amidst all these apps, we found one that combines the best productivity tools into one, can gather all of our productivity apps in one place, divide them into suitable categories and help us save time and focus and boost our productivity. Meet FromX!

What is FromX?

FromX is an all in one productivity tool and data manager which will help even the most unorganized of us get our minds and lives together and boost our productivity. With features like bookmarking, all in one notepad, e-shop assistant, device backup and more, it’s on of the most patronizable and useful tool one can have on their mobile device. Keeping all of your important documents, files, pictures, notes, website bookmarks and more have never been more easier and more convenient. This app can help you store, sort, backup and reuse all your files and documents. It’s uses can be endless and the app leaves that to the user’s imagination. No matter if you are a business person, busy student, or just someone who likes the idea of being more organized and productive, FromX has all the tools one will need.

FromX key features

FromX is packed with amazing productivity features. It comes with powerful notepad in which you can take notes, add photos, attach files, create to-do lists, shopping lists and more. You can also bookmark and save any website you might need to check later in a relevant category or subcategory you are able to create within the app, and notes can also be attached to the bookmarks. The app also serves as a backup tool for all of your device’s content, which with the help of this app will be 100% recoverable. And last but not least its shopping feature. FromX urges its users to shop smarter by allowing them a shopping experience with one tap search, comparative shopping, daily deals, bargains and best shops. It creates a kind of e-mall, where you can bookmark and save your favorite e-store sites, import all your shopping apps, add shipment tracking tools, store your receipts and much more.

FromX ends up being such a versatile app, one will surely find a way it can be useful to them. It’s a powerful tool to help anyone be more productive and organized. In today’s world, where time equals money, being a productive and organized person is a number one priority. And if you need a helping hand with that, you can try out FromX. Find and download the app at the Google Play Store and tell us what you think of it!

Google Play Store download link: FromX