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Bring the fun of an arcade or carnival into your phone with the claw machine games available now for all smartphone users. Available in a variety of styles, they’re sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. However if you are ready to try this type of game on another level, there are real-time claw machine games that offer you to win big gifts. To help, we looked and we found one amazing real-time claw machine game for you to win big and engage with others. Let’s discuss about this game.

What is GETCHA?

GETCHA is one incredibly addictive and fun real-time claw machine game which is developed for android users. With this game, players have the chance to win big just by catching and earning diamonds. On the game, players are able to win attractive gifts just by collecting diamonds and exchanging them in the GETCHA shop. Players have the chance to engage with other players from the whole world to share, reuse, resell or give their items for free to any player they like to. The game allows players to share the love, win or give out too many others in need thru this platform.

Why do we love this claw machine game?

This claw machine game is offering players a lot of interesting and unique features that will keep them interested in playing and winning.  All players need to do is to use the keypad displayed on the phone to control the claw machine and catch GETCHA diamonds. With 2 Camera views allows better understanding on the distance on target and the red laser points to the target for their catch. Players will collect GETCHA diamonds to win big, exchange the diamonds for many attractive gifts available in the GETCHA shop with free shipping offered worldwide.

Engaging with each other on a live chat, players are able to share their GETCHA diamonds, resell their items to anyone worldwide, reuse or give them to anyone for free. This claw game offers player more than just playing and winning but also players have their chance to become a seller and earn even more GETCHA diamonds. Players can share diamonds with others to win even more of them or share and shop with diamonds anytime they want. Simply exchange their diamonds in the GETCHA shop for the gift they like.

Download the game now on Google Play for free to catch and earn diamonds and win big every time!

Google Play Download Link: GETCHA


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