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Getting access to the news you care about used to involve some work but with the advent of smartphones, there are million and one ways to keep abreast of all the news you are interested in. Nowadays, there are even many apps that offer you to read your favorite topics and channels online, directly on your phone. We looked and we found an amazing news app for you to read the most popular online Guinea news on your phone.

What is LeKaloum News?

LeKaloum News is an amazing news app which is developed for Android users, very easy to use and with a clean user-friendly interface. The best media info you like, selected just for you. This app offers you all the news continues on Guinea, Conakry, Guinean cities and Africa in one place. All the 24/7 political, economic, sports, cultural and Guinean news from abroad, directly on your phone. The app collects all the news you want to read so you don’t waste time searching for the news you are interested in.

Why do we love this app?

This app offers a variety of features so you can constantly keep up with the news you are interested in. Stay informed about topics and channels you follow, with news sites like Guineenews, Guinea360, and Aminata. You can always edit what you are following and delete the ones you are not interested in anymore. If you look for a specific publication or topic, you can write a few keywords in the search box and the app will analyze a variety of channels and topics to find what you are looking for.

Also, you can save articles for later in a convenient list and view them even offline. Explore a wide selection of topics from sources such as major news organizations and independent publications. Choose the ones you want to follow to get the news that interests you. Get last minute notifications from some of your most trusted sources and easily control your notification preferences, so that you are only informed about the topics that interest you the most.

Download the app for free on Google Play to stay informed and find all the Guinean news in one place!

 Official Website: LeKaloum News

Google Play Download Link: LeKaloum News



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