App Review – monUnique


Despite some strong competition, the smartphones continue to be one of the most popular choices for the designers’ world. These pocket-sized devices can be a pretty handy design tool. However, when it comes to designing photos, choosing the best app for that purpose can be quite time-consuming and not everyone offers the features you need. We decided to help you with your search so we discovered one great design tool for your photos – monUnique. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is this app about?

This is an incredible art app that is specially designed as a practical design tool for photos that offers users to create multiple designs from a particular image with a unique patented process. The app is developed for both Android and IOS user, very simple for using and allowing the user to just click a photo and apply a design filter to create multiple Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that are based designs consisting of multiple design objects of varied shapes and textures offered. Consisting of three modules, the Photo Selection, the Design and Edit Design module, this app allows creating the most artistic and precisely designed photographs effortlessly directly on the phone.

Why do we choose it?

monUnique offers users to simply design photographs by just clicking or selecting a photo from the phone’s photo gallery and then using the View Design module to select a filter and view all the designs in the chosen filter. Using the Edit Design Module allows users to edit an existing design or to create a new one with adding design objects from one or more design filters that are offered. Also, users can select a design filter and apply transformations to the filter like rotation, scaling, translation or flipping and can also change properties of a design object like texture, color, stroke, fill, overlay, opacity or others.

More than that, the app offers users to choose text objects from various fonts. All users need to do is to choose a photo from their phone’s gallery, touch the view design tab to get all designs displayed and when they touch the view the texture of the shape and design of the photo will change. The app offers 3 modes and the user using the gestures can zoom and pan the design, to toggle the tile switch to tile the design, to touch the filter icon to show a list of filters and select a specific one and to save the image in the gallery or share it on social media. The app’s Edit Design Tab is supporting 2 modes, a normal and a wallpaper mode, offering users list of filters and fonts, allowing them to save, tile and change the design properties of the editing photographs.

Download this app on App Store and Google Play for free to easily design your photos uniquely!

Official Website: monUnique

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