App Review – Parkarr




Have you ever spent hours of time looking for a perfect parking spot for your car? Of course you have, everybody has. Unfortunately most of the time we never find one, and we end up parking at a spot that doesn’t suit our needs. Well we have the perfect recommended app for you today, and that’s Parkarr. Parkarr is a mobile app that connects drivers around the world that are looking for that perfect parking spot.

The way Parkarr works is it has a “check-in” system that the user uses in order to indicate to other people that he’s vacating a parking spot. With the system, the user can indicate their location, departure date and time, and host their parking spot. Then if another car driver needs to park somewhere in that area, they can quickly take a look at the local map and blimps will appear indicating the spots vacant by other users of the app. The driver can then request a spot reservation, but not before filling out information about their car model, color and image. That way, when the driver arrives the other user can visually tell if the car matches the one from the request.

Each user gains one point for each host spot, and they also gain a trust ratio with every successful exchange. For every 5 points, Parkarr gives you special rewards. Truly one of the most useful mobile apps you can get as a car driver of this age. You can download this app for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Parkarr