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Android phone let you schedule a text message to send on a future date. Once you schedule a text message, no more reminders needed. With this type of app you will be able to send messages privately, sharing thoughts with anyone you like without revealing your identity. However, to find the best app for this purpose is not easy and because of that we decided to help you and we found one very efficient private messaging scheduler. Let’s discuss about this scheduling app.

What is Primler?

Primler is one very helpful and practical communication app which is developed for android users, easy to use and suitable for anyone that likes to share their private thoughts and views. With this message scheduler, users will be able to schedule messages or feedbacks for the future without revealing their identity. On this interesting mode for communication, users are offered to schedule messages at a specific time, with a specific date for any country time zone, worldwide. Completely safe and private, the users can schedule and send messages to anyone at any time they want to.

Why do we love this communication app?

This schedule maker for messages is allowing the users to send message or feedback privately to anyone and the recipients of those messages can answer to them via web link or on the scheduling app even if the messages it’s been sent privately. Users are able to schedule a message to be sent within next hour or day or month or year, setting it to be sent whenever it suits them the most. The messages can be scheduled for particular date and time of any country time zone worldwide. Multiple recipients can get a scheduled message and also the app allows sending attachments to the messages. On the app, users can edit their scheduled messages, cancel them or rescheduled them before the scheduled time. Users are notified prior and after sending a scheduled message. This messaging scheduler is working always, even if the phone of the user is off or has no internet at the time when the message is scheduled for sending.

Download the app now on Google Play for free to schedule and send your private thoughts!

Google Play Download Link: Primler


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